About Against Unreason

I am a current thesis student in cognitive psychology, and am an avid reader of history and science on my own time. I’m also the creator for the Facebook page Against Unreason, formerly Independent Thinking.

I created Against Unreason because I want to engage in the public discussions relating to topics I am passionate about. Especially areas where science and politics cross paths, such as climate change, gender incongruity, sexual orientation, nuclear power, evolution, and others. As an atheist and former Christian, I am also interested in talking about religion and fighting theocracy in all of its forms.

My goals are:

  • To fight the flow of misinformation in the public sphere.
  • To reduce the number of my false beliefs, and increase the number of true beliefs.
  • To spread literacy in science.
  • To promote critical thinking.
  • To promote scientific empiricism and a respect for measurable evidence.
  • To fight mysticism, superstition, pseudoscience, and gullibility.
  • To promote methodological naturalism.

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