About Against Unreason

I’m just a person who cares what is true and what is not. Or, more specifically, what, given the evidence, is most probably true and what is most probably not. I’m living this time with everyone else and when I see a contentious issue where the tribes are predictably knee-jerking to their sides, I try to put the research skills I developed getting my Masters in Psychology to work discovering the facts and the most reasonable way to interpret them. It’s usually a waste of time because most people are uninterested in the facts if they go against their existing beliefs and dogmas, but I do it anyway, if not more for my own curiosity of the topics.

Certainty is for superstition and religions and has no place in a good-faith conversation. But equally problematic is falsely taking the middle position when the evidence clearly indicates a probable winner.

My goals are:

  • To fight the flow of misinformation in the public sphere.
  • To reduce the number of my false beliefs, and increase the number of true beliefs.
  • To spread literacy in science.
  • To promote critical thinking.
  • To promote scientific empiricism and a respect for measurable evidence.
  • To fight mysticism, superstition, pseudoscience, and gullibility.
  • To promote methodological naturalism.

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