Biden To Blame For Gas Price Increase?

No, he isn’t. You’re welcome. This whole question is just the common dime-a-dozen partisan tactic that’s been around since the beginning where one party blames each and every perceived bad thing on the current president if that president is of the other party. People seem to think as though presidents even have the power to single-handedly control things like fuel prices when they don’t. It is intellectual laziness on the part of a tribal partisan public that treats politics like sports. It’s easier to attack a single individual of the other tribe rather than invest time and mental energy into actually learning honestly about the topic at hand.

What is to blame for the rise in gas prices? Primarily the fact that demand for gas had plummeted due to less travel during the pandemic, and much of that travel is now resuming. Simple as that. It’s pretty easy to find historic gas prices online and see that prices collapsed early last year and have steadily risen ever since. The increase began long before Biden. Right-wingers just didn’t care about the increase until Biden was president and it was one more petty thing they could blame him for. Prices were higher than now for much of 2018 and again in 2019, all under Trump.

I’d like to draw your attention to the the picture above showing historic US gas prices, and how they have virtually no correlation with the president that is in office. Well, what about Biden canceling the Keystone pipeline? Couldn’t that have effected gas prices? No. The pipeline already wasn’t producing, it still wasn’t even operational. So canceling it could have no effect on supply of oil or gas. But aren’t Democrats always bad for petroleum production? No. In fact, US petroleum production was slowly declining until 2008, and domestic production skyrocketed throughout the entire Obama Administration. Exports grew, imports shrank, and yet no right-winger ever gave Obama credit for the same type of thing they’re suggesting Biden has direct control over. Hypocrisy at its finest.

The numbers and historical trends don’t lie. So whichever mouth-frothing partisan person tells you Biden is responsible for the modest increase in gas prices, they’re wrong. Or at least, they wrong in the sense that whatever effect Biden may possibly have on gas prices, it is minuscule to the effect market factors have had. Market factors that would have driven these gas prices no matter who was president.

Right-wing Facebook page ODL showing their logic doesn’t even approach being sufficient to debunk their namesake.
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