The State of Our Union

The state of our union is our fault, and we need to quit looking for someone else to blame. The mirror will tell us everything there is to know about the guilty party.

It’s not the American school system. The school system is highly flawed, but nonetheless leaves the American populace more educated than in most of American history, and certainly more than capable of finding the factual information and properly interpreting it if that is indeed their goal. But that isn’t their goal, they want to treat politics just like football while putting their intellectual faculties on sleep mode.

Quit blaming the media, it is just another reflection of the people. The Discovery and History channels show crap instead of science and real history because they saw that far more people would tune in if they showed reality TV. They learned that people didn’t want to be educated, so they gave the people what they wanted just like they do during news hour.

Don’t blame Trump, he is just giving us a crystal clear view of the worst and most ugly aspects of both the Democrats and the Republicans that already existed. He’s just a nasty laxative that showed us what is really inside of us. Republicans have no principles whatsoever that they wouldn’t violate to protect their party and get reelected by their bloodthirsty constituents, and there’s no fake virtue signaling maneuver the Democrats won’t attempt and fail at to show how virtuous they are.

History will look at the Democrats as the better side of all this, but it will also wonder in disbelief how the Democrats made so many unforced errors and made it so easy for the Republicans to play them.

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