There is no level of economic inequality the Right won’t support

I don’t want to sound bombastic, but I’ve literally never heard of a historical period that Right-wingers consider too unequal. A reasonable person would say, “there is an acceptable and inevitable amount of inequality, and there is an unacceptable amounta high/low limit.” But ancap libertarian doctrine and Republican moral elitism causes people to literally believe the upper extreme is always a good thing, no matter what, in all situations. If you are ultra-rich it is because you are smarter than everyone else or God likes you better.

Burger-flipper can’t feed their family? Guess they should have been born into a better family, had a better temperament, or had more marketable interests. If that isn’t the case, Right-wingers literally believe there is not a level of wage-exploitation that is unacceptable; the corporate execs and big stockholders can literally take as high of a proportion of profits as they feel they deserve.

Yes, I am well aware that CEOs are businessmen that improve the product, earn money for investors, and create wealth for everyone. They aren’t evil people (not all the time anyway). But is it right if they, the board, and the biggest investors pocket 90% of the increase in profitability, leaving wage workers stagnant? Yes, says laissez-faire orthodoxy; the worker should have pulled their boot-straps harder in order to become a CEO themselves. Ancap cultists think it is perfectly fine to only raise wages by 1% after a 90% increase in profit because, after all, a 1% increase is still an increase, so the workers should grovel in unctuous appreciation rather than complaining.

This post was originally aimed towards “libertarians,” but since there are a decent amount of Left libertarians that don’t conform to this extreme depiction I changed the wording. I don’t mean all libertarians are this way. I just mean the “libertarians” who support Donald Trump, tariffs, think racism completely no longer exists, and believe the Civil War was just about state’s rights and not owning people as chattel property. In other words, the libertarians that don’t actually care about liberty for anyone but themselves.

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