The Democrat Running Against Trump Will Have All the Name Recognition Necessary by Virtue of Being the Democratic Candidate

Biden’s current name recognition and correspondingly high poll numbers do not make him the candidate most capable of beating Donald Trump. The Democratic candidate for president will have all the name recognition they need by virtue of being the Democratic candidate.

The arguments suggesting that we should not vote for the lesser-known Democratic candidates in the primary because of current low name recognition is ludicrous.
The primaries are the only part of the United States presidential election setup where you truly can vote your conscience without being afraid you’re helping the person who you don’t want to win. Biden fans need to stop attacking Yang fans; Bernie fans need to stop attacking Biden fans; and every Democrat needs to stop infighting. They are only helping Trump.

The fact that Biden has the most name recognition now has absolutely no positive bearing on his chances of beating Donald Trump. In fact, he probably has the worst chances of any Democrat because he has the most negative baggage of any candidate still running. His slips of tongue that make him appear a little racist and sexist are not going to build any momentum for him from the Left.

I will vote for whatever Democrat runs against Trump without hesitation, but I want to vote for a Democrat that I can truly respect, not simply a lesser of two evils; the person who was less worse than Trump. For the same reason I felt that way voting for Clinton in 2016, I would feel that way about voting Biden in 2020. Even worse, Biden will not gain the almighty fence-sitters who decide elections.

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