Is California Literally Hell? Are the Liberals Ruining It?

I have long noticed the far Right’s pathological fear and hatred for California. They make up stories like California forcing all students to learn Spanish (ya know, because they wanna Mexicanize everything), legalizing pedophilia, banning the Bible, it is a poverty shithole, and a whole host of lunacy.

They believe these things because California is known as a bastion of liberalism, and thus people on the Right tend to do everything they can to make California terrible in their minds in order to confirm their conservative world-views.

Reality doesn’t fit that narrative. In poverty, it is middle-of-the-road, right along with conservative states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Georgia. Its economy is doing better than most conservative states. It is in the bottom 10 states as far as healthcare quality goes, but then again, so is Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, and plenty of other conservative states. It is middle-of-the-road regarding crime and law enforcement stats, and well ahead of Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, etc.

So no, California is not a shithole relative to the good ol’ conservative states, and it is actually often achieving better results than many of them. I’m not saying it is a utopia, it has its problems like any place. I just wish zealous partisans would quit making stuff up to fit their intellectually crippling ideology.

I know, some readers will say “but what about this stat you libtard, you’re just cherry-picking,” I’m sure there are a lot of stats I didn’t cover, but this wasn’t meant to be exhaustive. I literally just searched several of the first things that came to mind when considering what things to look at to get an idea of a state’s prosperity. I didn’t “cherry-pick” or only look up things I thought California would be good with. Despite there likely being important factors I didn’t list, however, the pattern that appeared after looking at the several factors I listed was not supportive of the conservative myth of California as a shithole, and I don’t think it is probable that any further investigation would lead to a different overall conclusion.

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