Being a Political Independent

Them: “You aren’t ‘independent'”

Me: Why do you say that?

Them: “Because you lean left.”

Being independent means I come to my own conclusions based on my examination of the evidence. It doesn’t mean that I absurdly assume that both sides are always equally right/wrong. If one person says 2+2=4 and the another says 2+2=6 I am not going to assume the answer must be 2+2=5. Right-wingers are wrong more often than Left-wingers, so I’m going to lean left. Climate change is a fact and not a conspiracy invented by the Chinese to hurt American industry; gay people aren’t in fact fundamentally inferior or sinful; theocracy is in fact not a good thing; immigrants aren’t in fact sweeping America in a wave of crime; Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote because millions of immigrants voted; the Civil War did in fact center around the issue of slavery; universal healthcare does in fact work better than our current system; Obama wasn’t in fact planning to use empty Walmarts as concentration camps for political opponents; Hillary wasn’t in fact running a child prostitution ring out of a pizza restaurant; Trump does in fact lie more than any president in recent history has.

The Left is wrong on plenty too, for example, their opposition to nuclear power. But the left is just overall wrong about less. It wasn’t a Leftist that walked into the Senate in 2015 convinced that a snow ball disproved climate change (and yet Right-wingers are convinced AOC is the dumbest person ever in the legislative branch). It isn’t the Left that is trying to plaster the 10 Commandments on every government structure they can get their grubby hands on. It wasn’t the Left whining about “unelected judges” allowing gay people to marry and now desperately hoping some unelected judges are going to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow theocracy to determine reproductive decisions.

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